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Toll Free: 888-788-8088  
Fax: 310-417-0642 Email: sales@worldfresh.com
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About WorldFresh
      From fresh fruits and vegetables, to meat, dairy or any other
temperature sensitive product, WorldFresh can provide door-to-door
  or airport-to-airport service.
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  · Staff
  Our highly trained transportation logistics staff will insure that your
  perishable commodities receive the protection and expertise necessary
  for their succesful delivery.
  We guarantee that at WorldFresh each shipment receives our personal
  attention every step of the way.
  · Pick-up and Delivery
  Whether it is picking up your air freight , handling your local cartage or
  delivery to your customer's front door, we have refrigerated trucks ready to
  "keep it cool".
  · Packing
  We pack your products in insulated containers with ample refrigerant to
  keep your product fresh or frozen, until it is delivered. Our on-site coolers
  and freezer maintain the optimum temperature of your product until it is
  received by the airline.
  · Air Freight
  We handle shipments of any size, from your small domestic overnight sample
  to your large international air freight shipment.
  · Tracking
  We monitor each shipment until it has been delivered to your customer
  · Always Open
  WorldFresh's services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  We can handle your shipment any time you need us.
  We provide the equipment, expertise and specialized handling
  necessary to insure the protection and on-time arrival of your
  perishable shipment.
      At WorldFresh we are committed to providing World Class Service.